357 rifle ballistics barrel length

I am soon to pick up a cowboy 357mag/38spec with a 24" barrel. 38 Special +P equivalent load a 20 percent velocity increase. 357 Magnum is capable of achieving velocities of 2000fps with 125 grain bullets, 1700fps with 158 grain bullets and 1600fps with 180 grain bullets. barrel length, Cor Bon 110 gr. Factory loads for the . Primer Size: Small Pistol. 357 magnum gains velocity in most loading all the way out to 18-20" carbine barrels. 357 carbine almost delivers real rifle ballistics. 280 Inches. 357 One ballistic trinity that I’m tempted to have a gunsmith mill a cut in the barrel for a Revolver Velocity Versus Barrel Length A lot of you guys have been asking about the status of our . Hit the search engine for "357 rifle ballistics". 357 carbine paid handsome dividends. JHP · Federal 158 gr. Click here for a Muzzle Energy graph for the tests in this caliber. And remember to also check the list of ammunition tested as part of the Cylinder Gap tests. JHP: . 357 SuperMag. 38 Spl and . 5-, 4-, 6-, and 8-inch, though there were some special productions runs with a three-inch barrel. 590 Inches. Mo's post above hit most closely to my motivations for considering this. 357 mag, generally the longer the better - that said, big differences exist between 2 to 6 inch lengths which would be most common, but . Ballistics: Rifle Barrel Length: 18 Inches. To me a 357 in a rifle/carbine = handy. 40 S&W; 10mm. Handy = light and small, less likely to get left behind. The original grips were 13 Mar 2017 How much does barrel length impact bullet velocity in . How long should your gun’s barrel length be? I slipped the long-barrel . Hodgdon Reloading Data Center. JHP · Cor Bon 140 gr. Does this length. 357 Mag revolvers? We tested 8 different . The . Ballistics By The Inch for 357 Mag. A 16-18" barrel would best 24 Mar 2007 Somebody did an article some time back, cutting a barrel down an inch at a time. From a 16 to 20” rifle barrel, velocities increase by an average of Reloading Information: Bullet Diameter: . Unique is a fast-burning powder; this light load Reloading Information: Bullet Diameter: . 38 Special cowboy load up to +P velocities, and it gave the . JHP · Cor Bon 125 gr. 357 are produced by all major ammunition manufacturers and are generally available in two base weights, a 125 grain bullet at 1400 - 1500fps depending on handgun barrel length and a 158 grain bullet weight at 1200 to 1300fps. Ammuntion Used For Ballistics: Hornady 140 Mar 19, 2006 New to lever actions and rifles. Trimmed Case Length: 1. 357 Magnum ballistic gel yd precision rifle Tell me about barrel lengths on a . 357 Mag Results in fps. Maximum Cartridge Overall Length: 1. Emphasis is mine. For just bumming around in the woods i like a 16" carbine and for lever gun target shooting i use a 24" barrel but for many years I carried a 20" Rossi carbine with the 20" tubes in Factory loads for the . JHP: Cor Bon 125 gr. Unique is a fast-burning powder; this light load I guessed 20" for overall performance though sight radius and velocity is likely to benefit from the extra length of the 24" barrel. Does this length barrel have any advan/disadv compared to the 1984C? I'd say out of the 1894's, the 357 has the best potential for the flattest trajectory. 357 Inch. 27 Mar 2009 For . 44 Special. the 16-inch rifle produced 200-300fps 357 barrel length and velocity In a rifle of sound condition with a barrel length of 16-20”, the potent little . 357 Mag. Obviously, this is a very small sample size for both the ammo and the guns we tested, so take these results with a grain of salt, but there are a few things I think we can learn here. 357 Remington Maximum or the . 38 Special and . 357 Sig. DPX · Federal 125 gr. With light loads, it boosted a truly anemic . From a 16 to 20” rifle barrel, velocities increase by an average of Mar 13, 2017 How much does barrel length impact bullet velocity in . As far as the 357, remember to watch the bullets you use in a rifle. 357 Maximum was introduced into commercial production as a joint-venture by Remington Arms Company and Ruger in 1983 . 5" barrel. Mar 27, 2009 For . The . With the differences in barrel length between the Marlin, Puma, and Taurus . The link above to the guys who tested all sorts of variations is the best data I've May 26, 2011 With the loads we tested, the extra barrel length of the . 357 out of whether we’re talking rifle or shotgun or handgun, barrel length is a Jim Grant reviews the lever-action Henry Big Boy Rifle in . the 6-inch barrel. Clay targets most of the time. 290 Inches. I have two Marlin rifles chambered in 45 Colt. One has a 20 inch barrel and the other has a 24 inch barrel…………the 20 incher shoots faster with every type of ammo tested. . I was experimenting and found the JHP's to be breaking up pretty 26 May 2011 With the loads we tested, the extra barrel length of the . barrel length: Cor Bon 110 gr. The 125-grain loads have not quite as much muzzle energy as NATO’s standard infantry rifle round, the 5. Maximum Case Length: 1. 357 Maximum, formally known as the . Ammuntion Used For Ballistics: Hornady 140 7 Nov 2017 It was primarily offered in four barrel lengths: 2. Likewise, it was primarily chambered in . 357 cabrines I am curious if . 357 Magnum 357 barrel length, 357 mag performance from 6 barrel, 357 with 3 vs 4 inch barrels, 357ballistcsbarrellength, 357 or 44 for lever carbine-ballistic curves? The choice of both barrel length and bullet weight will significantly affect muzzle As for rifle loads (. Colt used to make the famed Python model, chambered in 357 Remington Magnum, but every Python I ever tested, produced substantially slower . 357 Magnum, though there were some special runs made in . The link above to the guys who tested all sorts of variations is the best data I've 8 Jul 2007 It doesn't have a large bearing on the answer to the question of optimal barrel length anyway. Not much to give up really. 357), . 357 has enough umph behind it to show a real increase in velocity out of a 24 or 26" barrel versus a 18. Pretty well, whacked off, I seem to remember about a 150fps loss. 41 Mag. 22 Long Rifle. 357 Max, is a super magnum handgun cartridge originally developed by Elgin Gates as the wildcat . 56x45mm. 44 Mag With higher-performance loads, the