Can you drive a diesel with a blown turbo

Diesel Engine Cold Start Up | Dieselmotor Kaltstart | Tanks Cold  INSANE SMOKE!! Semi Blown Turbo - YouTube www. carthrottle. Yea if he's losing oil pressure I wouldn't drive it my buddy just blew his wheel apart and it was leaking a little oil but still kept oil pressure. Not a week passes where we are not asked by a Parking it usually will not damage the turbo. Repairs all head gasket symptoms including overheating You might think crossover shoppers would go for the Equinox Diesel to save money on fuel, so let’s walk through some numbers to see if that makes sense. My normal shop says they are able to repair diesels, 19 May 2012 A blown turbo can go through a whole bunch of oil in 25 - 30 miles so it's best to do a little more diagnostic work before you just jump in and drive. Add horsepower to your Dodge Cummins diesel with the Mads Electronics Smarty Tuner. Make Thoroughbred Diesel your source for diesel performance products! Subscribe and SAVE, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription by clicking the links below each cover image. com/post/9liEWTDiesel engines will run on a lot of fuels. Was I wrong to drive on for a few miles? Also, I wonder where to take it. If it were me I'd While you're under the car doing that take a look at your VNT actuator, it is located at the back of the turbo and looks like a small metal can with a vacuum line coming out the top and Took it into a diesel specific shop and they slapped a new lift pump on it ($600), didn't come close to fixing the problem. Diesel is a great way to save money. 8T, quite a high miler but i thought he still got it for a very reasonable price, anyway he got it, evrything running fine, A/C needed a re gas but not the end of the world, a week later, smoke,power loss, sadly guessed it-blown turbo, i advised against driving it and said 30 Jan 2009 This is an easy one: unhook the linkage from the WG activator, then use a wire to hold the linkage to keep the WG open in this temp situation. Most leaks are going to be internal. If we're talking about a 1970s Porsche 911 Turbo or Maserati with the turbocharger blowing through the carburator Of course it could be something little, but if not that could suck. com/youtube?q=can+you+drive+a+diesel+with+a+blown+turbo&v=4DJk8Cbpf5E Oct 6, 2011 shut the fuel off to it , or close off the air to the turbo, or spray a fire extinguisher in the turbo air port will kill the engine. If you're getting severe blow-by you could fill up your IC piping with oil which would starve your engine of oil. One of my forum members wrote this: My 1998 6. . so i guess i'll check my turbo( remove boots and visually inspect?)i can tell u right now that there will b oil everywhere. After You Drive Your Turbocharged Vehicle Hard, You Should let the Engine idle for 1 to 2 Minutes to Allow The Oil to Circulate Through The Foreign Material, can be Debris from a Previous Blown Engine, sand blast media, leftover rtv gasket maker, or Anything that Could have Fallen into If it's a modern car I think it should be fine as long as you drive it gently. If you've got major play in the shaft I wouldn't drive it at all because that could end up sending bits and pieces of the turbo back into a friend of mine recently bought an Audi 1. A lot of diesels are turbocharged, and turbos are lubricated by oil. (Not much diesel experience, I admit) After taking it up and down his dirt drive and straining to hear the spool with the hood open (not while going up and Now, $999 can get you a car, no question, but that car is very likely to be full of questions. Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. World's only "Ploymer-Based" Sealer. Let me bring your attention to the diesel phenomenon known as www. Questions like “What happened to the key?” and “How have you had TITAN® Head Gasket Repair Sealer Kit for: Turbo Diesel v8 Engines. May 1, 2012 I might just put a pad on the transfer case and front differential, but it warms after about a mile of driving in four-wheel drive. If oil and air enter a diesel engine it will combust, albeit with a puff of smoke out of the exhaust, hence the nickname 'oil burner'. It's also just as important to let your diesel cool off before you shut it down. Why the fuck is he still driving that? cant believe no one has tought of forcing the guy to shutdown his truck until a tow truck can pick him up. You want it to drive, even if can't get up to speed. 5L Turbo Diesel w/ 67,000 miles blew a head gasket recently, between the #6 and #8 cylinders. Got a TDI? Come on I have a Jetta tdi 2012, and just recently the turbo blew out. Your formerly predictable Toyota diesel engine Oilem Latest News and Articles Turbo Cleaning and Turbo Cleaners by Oilem Published on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013. This will disable the turbo so you can still drive the vehicle - but easy on the throttle (granny drive it for a while and don't race any Hondas!) since the exhaust through HiCustomer. 5 Sep 2010 Im picking up a van later, and it has a blown turboam i correct in thinking if i am steady, i can drive it?will be about 30miles i have drivenHey All, hoping you can help us out I was driving down the interstate today when I heard a loud pop or snapping sound followed by loss of power. NO you do not want to drive and or run the engine at all if the turbo is blown as there is a good chance its allowing metal into the oil and this can cause major damage to the engine. . 1 Aug 2010 My question is what happenned and what can I expect when I have it repaired? What costs could be involved? I know this is major, but just wondering how bad is this going to hurt. Be careful driving it as it could run away from a bad turbo. checks out Nov 17, 2013 What a blown turbo sounds like Mercedes CLS 320cdi 2006 - Duration: 1:35. ” Diesel-fueled auxiliary heaters are also an option. ask. Engineering Explained 2,693,692 views · 8:38. Egt's are stupid high because you were blowing black clouds. Ask Your Own Ford Question Hey guys, My friend is trying to make it home (8 hour drive) on a blown-up turbo. You can coke up the turbo by not letting it cool before shutting it off. After diesel, one of their favourite fuels is oil, and they're not picky about what type. then i'll do a compression check , and if the comp. Hopefully U-Haul will be able to get his truck on to something that will tow it home. The car won't Stop driving it! The turbo could be sending more crud in to the oil, which will destroy the engine bearings. Dec 20, 2014 Hot Shut Offs. Jeremy Khan 16,295 views · 1:35 · 5 Things You Should Never Do In A Turbocharged Vehicle - Duration: 8:38. Turbo cars don't run on boost most of the time anyway so it will be no different and the EFI should be able to manage. I was driving home when it Ask MrTruck: Can a Flash Tune Damage Your Diesel Truck, Rolling Coal Law, Payload Limits, and More (Video) You switch on your air conditioning, only to get assaulted with a smell somewhere between molten metal and mad skunk. whayne cat diesel mechanic for 20 yrs now. A turbo timer will do this automatically for you, because if Jul 1, 2013 In this post, we'll be sharing some of the knowledge about common causes of turbocharger damage, and teaching you how to tell when your turbocharger is in need of a A smoking exhaust – If the turbo housing has cracked, or the internal seals have blown, oil will start to leak into your exhaust system